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Lowline Angus

Great Attributes

Cow in FieldThe unique small size and early maturity pattern of Lowlines enable tender, small cuts of well marbled beef to be produced off grass and without feedlotting. The smaller cuts of beef are better suited to the modern, health conscious palate.

Another significant attribute of the breed for the commercial beef market is the high-yield percentage that Lowline provides. This is expressed as the cut up/carcass yield percentages i.e.: the percentage of meat that remains from the carcass once the bone and fat are removed. These are very important figures for a butcher because when they buy a carcass they purchase the whole carcass so the higher the yield percentage the greater the profit for the butcher. Figures provided by one butcher, who has been in the business for some 43 years, gave yield figures of 76.13% and 74.21% for pure-bred Lowline steers.

Because Lowline cattle are smaller than their Angus ancestors, producers can run more cattle per acre. As a general rule, where you would normally stock 6 Angus cows you can run 10 lowlines. Lowline’s smaller size and docile nature also enables the use of lighter and smaller yards and handling equipment. This reduces equipment set-up costs.

If you are new to the cattle industry, you will find Lowlines less intimidating and easier to handle than larger breeds. Lowlines are particularly beneficial for children to learn and practice cattle handling techniques. They are particularly well suited for agricultural studies at schools. New people to the cattle industry can also join a Lowline cattle promotion group to learn more about cattle care and husbandry.

Lowlines are easy care cattle. They get into calf easily, calve down and get back into calf with a minimum of fuss. Apart from routine cattle care, such as vaccination programs, drenching and lice control, they require a minimum of care. As with any breed of cattle, fences need to be secure, but the use of electric fencing can often up-grade older fences to a satisfactory standard.

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